Nicola Hennighan, Registered Midwife

Nicola Hennighan, Registered MidwifeI qualified as a Registered Midwife in 2001.  I have had the pleasure and privilege to work within a regional NHS maternity unit since that time, supporting families in many aspects of midwifery care.  I hold further qualifications in Midwifery Complementary Therapies (DipHE), and a Certificate in Midwifery Acupuncture with Expectancy; these are all Royal College of Midwives accredited.

I am also a qualified and experienced counsellor (DipHE Counselling - Bristol University) which enables me to support families who struggle with pregnancy-related phobias, or have struggled with coming to terms with a traumatic birth experience and/or who are wanting to make plans for another baby.

During my counselling training, I specialised in baby loss.  Since this time, in my midwifery career and in private practice, I have worked closely with individuals and couples around infant bereavement.

I am proud to continue to work as an NHS midwife, yet realize that some pregnancy services are not available via NHS maternity services.  With the knowledge and understanding of how well-being therapies can help to optimise healthy pregnancy and birth, I provide a range of services which include Pregnancy Massage (with/without aromatherapy oils), Reflex Zone Therapy (a form of reflexology for pregnancy), Clinical Hypnosis for pregnancy related concerns, and Acupuncture for pregnancy related issues.  These can be undertaken at your own home or in private therapy rooms in North Somerset.

Specialist packages include:

  • Antenatal education (including Hypnobirthing)
  • Birth preparation for caesarean section
  • Post-dates consultation and treatments (to optimise your chance of natural labour)
  • Individualised relaxation treatments to reduce stress, anxiety and common pregnancy aches and pains or ailments.

To ensure safety remains at the centre of your pregnancy and birth, all consultations/treatments are individually risk assessed according to your antenatal and medical history.   Therefore,  all consultations will need oversight of your hand-held maternity records.

An initial,  free,  virtual consultation is available for all treatments/packages to make sure you are fully informed about the service(s) you choose.

All of my qualifications are affiliated to the Royal College of Midwives and I hold a valid DBS certificate to enable work with families.   All courses and treatments are fully insured through FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators).

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