Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement Counselling

If you are reading this, following the loss of your baby, I am so sorry. 

As a midwife and trained counsellor, I have witnessed first-hand the initial and long-term devastating effects of losing your child, whether this was a miscarriage, stillbirth or early neonatal passing.  I have been privileged to support families at all stages of pregnancy and during  the birth of their baby, and through the months afterwards.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve.  Often it is difficult to find a safe space to safely explore all of your thoughts and feelings.   By offering a ‘neutral position’ (i.e. being outside of your circle of your family and friends),  these sessions allow you to find support whenever you feel ready and for however long you wish them to continue.  It is generally recommended that a course of six are booked together, with a review at the end of this period.

Couples often feel that counselling can also help before the consideration of their ‘rainbow baby’.  I am able to offer pre-conception advice and support at this time, and make sure you are signposted to the right services at the time of your next pregnancy.

These sessions can be held in your own home, or in a private and confidential safe space in North Somerset.

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