Hypnobirthing is simple, logical and naturally effective.  Research indicates that hypnobirthing reduces the need for pain relief, reduces anxiety and empowers you with tools to deal with any situation during your baby’s birth.  

This course is run over twelve hours (normally 3x four-hour sessions) and is a complete antenatal education package, including a session dedicated to infant feeding.  It incorporates a range of complementary therapies, including pregnancy and birth massage demonstrations, and a complete overview of how complementary therapies can support the onset of natural labour (massage, aromatherapy and acupressure) as well as:

  • KGH HypnobirthingThe KGH course paperback book and all supplementary information from the course sessions
  • Looking at your birth partners role (and practice of relaxations together)
  • An in-depth discussion of place of birth options, waterbirth, pain relief options, and homebirth.
  • Active birth and biomechanics birth session (to help with optimal fetal positioning and possible ‘stalled’ labour); research indicates that this can reduce the need for instrumental birth or caesarean section.
  • How hypnobirthing can help in situations other than ‘normal’ birth
  • Overdue pregnancy:  including practical demonstrations of how complementary therapies can promote natural labour.
  • One 100ml massage oil (mixed with safe pregnancy oils of your choice) to take home
  • All relaxation and affirmation audio tracks
  • A personalised and completed hypnobirthing birth-plan
  • Mindful breastfeeding session if required.

By working closely with your birth partner, you will become empowered to ask pertinent questions during labour, fully understand all of your options, and make sure you are able to make safe and informed choices for your baby’s birth.

These sessions are offered as:

  • One couple private course generally in your own home at a time to suit you both


  • Small group course; no more than three couples (at private Therapy Rooms in BS20).

 Please see booking details for costings.

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