Individual or Couple Birth Debrief

Individual or Couple Birth Debrief

On occasions, birth preferences do not go to plan.  When this happens, birth trauma and anxiety can result,  or you may be left with unanswered questions.

Individual or couple debriefing can often help to give you understanding about your baby’s birth and let you to plan for your subsequent pregnancies.  For some couples, just an hour or two is all that is needed to come to terms with birth event.  For others it may take longer.

Please note, to make the most of this session, you might have to request a copy of your birth notes for this consultation.  If you do not have these, please call the Midwifery Admin Office where you gave birth and you will be told how to obtain them.

A flexible and personalised approach is offered, with home visits or virtual appointments available.  

A free 15-minute consultation is available if you need further information.

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