FREE for Partners / Dads-to-be

Why not come over at the same time as your partner...
Enjoy a comfortable space, with unlimited beverages and lots of resources just for you!

What’s available?

Partners / Dads-to-beFree resources and signposting for partners/dads-to-be regarding topics such as childbirth and the transition to parenthood, from a partners’ viewpoint.

•How/where to meet other partners/fathers in this area.
•An exploration of some of the most common cause for concerns for new fathers/partners and where to find more information.
•Meet Mark Harris (Male Midwife) – an introduction to a world of information for fathers/partners - free access to his website.
•Your birth plan choices - the real questions for you to consider!
•What is my role during the birth - how can I support my partner
•What to expect when things don’t go to plan during the birth of your child
•How to look after yourself as a new parent and support services for you
•Practical information - getting ready to go to the hospital
•Practical Information - how can I support my partner during labour
•Practical information - bringing baby home
•Paternity rights
•Looking after your own mental health in the postnatal period and support services in this area

Via: reading materials, information to take home, signposting and partner-specific DVDs for you watch if you wish and the chance to look at reading material and books available for you to review.

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